Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm sorry.

heyy friend, sorrryyy sorry sorry. I have to make this decision for our own goood. it's not proper for this time being. rightt? hm chill up okayy? nanti aku belanja hg aiskrim nah * derek ayat ni ja. HAHA :D
by the way, I appreciate it muchh (:

hey gals, I LOVE MY FRIENDS. <3

they are my life. it means nothing without them really. but biarlah kawan itu membimbing kita kearah kebaikan kan. kawan yg sentiasa mengingatkan kita jika kita buad salah.

I choose true friends. how about you?

her name is bb. she's beautiful. my husband <3

my bestie forever (:

we're friends since we are in standard 2 (:
we are young :D
we laugh we cry together.


  1. weh pelik semacham ja muka aku :D btw thanks weh bawak masuk blog :D

  2. haha mana ada pelik cunmelecun dahh tuuu. haha no biggie <3

  3. Hahah :D Okay nanti kita tangkap gambar, masuk blog aku pulak :)