Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm bored.

yeahh, totally. everybody was telling that they are bored and whatever. so am I. Everyday theres nothingg I can do except facebooking and blogging. and I cant believe it is 1.30 am and I am still writing these nonsense. I'm bored yeah. And now i'm reading others wonderful blogg. I have to go to school this 23rd to help those teachers for the Kelab Koperasi. and I have no mooood for thatt. mom ask me to follow her to KL on 24th. And I have to go to school for the kelab koop. And i dont knoww what's my decision. simple but haard *gedit
Brothers are still playing DOTA. such a bored game I think. err maybe.

I do this because i'm bored. tootaally
LOSER right?
okayy byee, miss you shuwitie <3

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