Friday, March 11, 2011

Crossing the Village

hey people, it has been quite some time since i last update this belogg. tadaaa! neww oneee. saja boringg pi tukaq buangg. yesterday was the cross-village day. AWH! we did not even get the points. NGAHAHA. but we had alot of fun chatting aroundd. Lelaki senior yg lari paling lambat pon sampai duluuu. haa anyway it's okay. we didn't plan to get the points though. The results were awesomee! teheeee. RAJA MUDA which is my house won the third place for this mean time. wayy more better than last year. we got the last place for last year. and believe it or not Sultanah got the last place. but we'll wait for this Sports Day. I guarantee they'll get a good position. hihi.

Positions :
1. Bendahara ( Congratulations! )
2. Sultan
4. Syed Jan
5. Sultanah

tk syok habaq. (;

okay byee 

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